CSA Shares

2016 CSA’s Available – We are offering CSA deliveries to specified locations.

We are planting and have CSA Shares available this year.  We grow all our veggies hydroponically, using an OMRI approved growing medium.  Our farm is family affair, and so we take great care in the crops we raise and sell.  Anyone can visit the farm during the operating season, starting in June.  We have not yet determined the exact days and hours we will be open, but as soon as we do, we will post them.

Anyone interested in our CSA can contact us via email:

 info@sticksandstonesfarm.net or (603) 776-8989.

Our shares are as follows:  mini share:  $210  small share:  $385  large share: $550

Delivery shares are as follows:  small share:  $385   large share:  $550

CSA Brochure 2016


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