Eating Healthy is easy with a CSA

sticks-and-stones-greenhouse-vegetablesWe are expanding our CSA  delivery service.  The 2016 season is underway here at the farm.  Seeds have been purchased and started, the baby chicks are getting bigger by the day, and should be laying eggs starting in May. New this year too, rabbits.  We are breeding rabbits, and will soon have our own line of soy free rabbit.  As always, spring at the farm, will bring lots of piglets.  We still have shares available, and because we now how hectic everyone’s schedules can be, we offer flexible pick up times here at the farm, but also deliver to local businesses.  If you would like your workplace to be part of our CSA program, please let us know, and we will be more than happy to get in touch with them.  We want you to have healthy nutritious food that is easily accessible.  Call (603) 776-8989 or email us at



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