Sticks and Stones Peppers and SquashWhat our customers have said

This summer I discovered the great taste of vegetables and fruit grown hydroponically in Barnstead, NH at STICKS AND STONES FARM. Fresh, healthy (not sprayed with chemicals) produce is better tasting and has more of the nutrients — and when grown hydroponically — well you can’t get any better than that. Highly recommended — treat yourself to some great tasting produce. Stay healthy while supporting local business.
Richard Gardzina, Center Barnstead, NH

Recently, I had the unexpected pleasure of visiting the hydroponics farm Sticks & Stones on White Oak Road in Center Barnstead. I say unexpected pleasure because I have never experienced the quality of the beets that I got from their farm. They were picked as I waited. My wife and I had them for dinner that evening and they were the sweetest beets I have ever tasted. The leafs were steamed and they were actually better than spinach. I also brought home some lettuce, (which was also picked as I stood there). There was absolutely no bitterness in the lettuce and made excellent salads. After talking with the owners and finding out the depth of vegetables that they grow I know I’ll be back frequently as things mature and make Sticks & Stones a regular weekly stop for my family. I also live in Ctr Barnstead so this treasure of a farm is a plus for its superior quality and convenience.
John, Center Barnstead, NH

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